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      1、Tell me about yourself.

      Introduce your personal brand and highlight the professional and personal themes that you want to address.

      2、Why have you decided to apply to business school?

      Be clear and concrete. You should be able to outline a practical career trajectory and articulate the advancement you expect from your MBA.

      3、Why does this MBA program appeal to you?

      Show that you have done your research. Have three or four very specific reasons and highlight any unique resources that you are particularly interested in.

      4、There are so many qualified applicants. Why should we admit you?

      Your personal brand is what differentiates you. Focus on your brand themes when answering this question.

      5、What are your short and long-term goals? How do you plan to use your MBA?

      Your short-term goals should be concrete and achievable, and your long-term goals should fit well with your passions and personality.

      6、How will you contribute to our campus?

      Mention clubs and leaderships opportunities that you are interested in, and highlight any unique passions that you would bring to the student body.

      7、What is your biggest strength? Your biggest weakness?

      Choose your weakness carefully. You want it to be genuine and believable, but not so detrimental that it will hurt your candidacy.

      8、What kind of team member are you? Can you give an example?

      Come prepared with several examples of how you have successfully worked in teams.

      9、Tell me about a time where you overcame a particularly difficult challenge at work. How did you add value?

      Think of an unusual challenge, and be able to explain it concisely, without getting too lost in the details.

      10、What kind of leader are you? Can you give me an example of a time when provided extraordinary leadership?

      Again, have several leadership examples ready to go. Ideally, these will be action-based, with tangible results that you can easily prove.

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